Grow Greener Grass!

To have healthy green grass, you need to start with heartier seed. It's not only about watering and fertilizing your grass, but starting with the best seed possible is what will make all the difference. Enjoy the beauty of a quick rich green lawn.

QUICKGREEN...will give you a luxurious green, velvet-like appearance that lasts all year round. QuickGreen grass mixture is developed to withstand cold, drought, disease, and heavy traffic. Start your seed out right with QuickGreen Grass!

You will have sprouts within five days of planting. This carefree grass can be planted in practically any kind of soil. It's so hardy and thick it chokes off weeds. Simple! Seed it...rake it...water it... that's it! Fast... Efficient... Reliable...Economical... Guaranteed Fantastic Results!

Modern chemical farming robs the soil of essential nutrients.  They deliver the major elements for plant growth to the crop in a water solution, force-feeding the plants while polluting the water supply with fertilizer runoff. 

Because of this, the nutritional value of our food has declined dramatically in the last century, while the focus on farming has been away from nutritional value and more towards fast, high yield and profit. 

Our bodies are starving for good nutrient dense food.  The secret to having a healthy garden is in organic gardening practices. Here are seven high-yield strategies gleaned from gardeners who have learned to make the most of their garden space and succeed with organic gardening. MORE...


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